Classic albums A-Z: Bryan Ferry – These Foolish Things (1973)



There are a couple of covers albums in this series. This is the first; Bryan Ferry’s ‘These Foolish Things’ from 1973. Released whilst he was still the lead of Roxy Music, Mr Ferry turned predominantly Stateside for this eclectic selection touching everything from Motown to the early jazz standard that gave its name to this, his first solo effort.

The opening track admirably sets the scene, with the Bob Dylan classic outrageously changed with sufficient aplomb to merit a single release of the track a month before the album in September 1973. And, whereas the official video may seem a little basic, the vampish backing singers are each a certain Mr Ferry.

The album manages to capture the instantly recognisable crooner overtone synonymous with the man in later life with classics here from Elvis’ ‘Baby I don’t care’ (via Leiber/Stoller), Lesley Gore’s ‘It’s my party’, The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ and Smokey Robinson & the Miracles’ ‘The tracks of my tears’. There have been many covers albums over the years but this one sits up there close to the top with the likes of Cat Power, David Bowie and Jeff Healey.

Full track listing
  1. A hard rain’s a-gonna fall
  2. River of salt
  3. Don’t ever change
  4. Piece of my heart
  5. Baby I don’t care
  6. It’s my party
  7. Don’t worry baby
  8. Sympathy for the Devil
  9. The tracks of my tears
  10. You won’t see me
  11. I love how you love me
  12. Loving you is sweeter than ever
  13. These foolish things

Way too many collaborators for a lineup, so here’s the video…

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