April is ‘National Poetry Writing Month’ so here’s something for the writing challenge.

Music knows no boundaries

It cares not how I feel

It has but one sole purpose

To cure all and to heal.

It will lift me and console me

It will always be a friend

It will surprise me and amaze me

For its wisdom knows no end.

They say familiarity

Sometimes breeds content

That’s all too true for this is where

I’m all too often sent

For music knows my every mood

And unequivocally provides

The lift that nuance might suggest

From somewhere deep inside.

Music is my constant solace

And has been through the years

Always there when e’er I need

In smiles and joys and tears.


(This one’s called ‘Constant’. I wrote it yesterday but only found out about the writing challenge today. Enjoy.)


2 thoughts on “Constant

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