Freebird – aka ‘Guitar solos part II’

I my teens I had an old Bakelite TV on which I could only get BBC2. Which was fine by me as the only programme I was interested in was aired on a Tuesday night on BBC2 – the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Originating from their self-titled debut album ‘Lynryd Skynryd’ in 1973 and penned (well, the opening chords at least) by guitarist Allen Collins, this was the song to end all parties – up to 15 minutes of unadulterated guitar brilliance. Allen Collins reigns supreme in this clip from 1975 and, if you want to hear what I’m taking about but can’t be bothered to wait, fast forward to 5:40 in.


2 thoughts on “Freebird – aka ‘Guitar solos part II’

  1. I always find it hard to get great guitar solos for my senior music students, so I love this list, I will be showing my one guitarist I have at he moment your thoughts on this subject. Have to say though, I can’t go past a great solo from Credence in their glory days! Or a bit of Jimi or a modern day Aussie John. Butler from the. John butler Trio

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