Mixture tape heaven

ImageBack in the day, many an hour was happily filled putting together the ubiquitous mixture tape. I’d buy a three-pack of TDK D-90s (the red ones) from Woolworths of a Friday lunchtime and spend the whole weekend carefully selecting which track to add next.Seamless transitions were good – hence the pencil – winding the spool back just a tad so that the next track kicked in quickly. And fade-outs at the end of each side…remember those? In later years, when CDs had hit the streets, I even had a list of very short snippets to add to the end of each tape – particularly those I did for others.

When the popularity of tapes began to fade, I carried on with mixture CDs, burning via my PC or, a bit later, an audio CD recorder. Even when the download era kicked in and Playlists took over, I continued the tradition. And still do!

But it’s not the same. The sound quality might be better but the tangible pleasure a mixture tape held has been lost for all time. It wasn’t just about the music – it was also the making, the hours spent choosing, the design of the tape cover and the pleasure of giving particular compilations away to a good friend…

…here’s something I put together for you because you’ve been a little poorly of late. It’s full of happy songs. Hope you like it…

A Playlist might be able to conjure up a genre or a theme, but only a mixture tape could really capture a mood. A playlist is here for a moment and then it is gone. A mixture tape lingers, capturing a tangible memory. The two in the pic above do just that. One features two great late 70’s bands; the other, a selection of my early 70’s 45’s. Part of the reason I’ve still got them.

But I’ve not lost the art. I still put together mixture stuff – be it by way of a CD burnt for a friend or a playlist downloaded to i-Tunes or my Shuffle – it’s all part of keeping music alive and relevant and part of me.


3 thoughts on “Mixture tape heaven

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  2. A blow right to my face, I was and still is addicted to the same thing, today on CD, or just making a great list for the USB to play in the car, and ya, was better back when it was harder to get it right.

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